July Newsletter: New Media Rights takes on the Future of Media Report and AT&T T-Mobile merger


In our last newsletter we shared with you that we filed a request with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to meet their responsibilities and investigate the harms of the AT&T and T-Mobile merger. After NMR, along with TURN, Greenlining, Media Alliance, and others voiced their concern, the CPUC decided to consider an investigation.

For us, it's not enough that the CPUC has considered investigating, we are serious about the CPUC leading a real investigation that considers the real harms that this merger would have on consumers and the wireless market.

If you are living in San Francisco, Los Angeles or Santa Clara, please consider attending these Public Hearings and Workshops to share your thoughts on the proposed AT&T T-Mobile merger.  Keep an eye out on for future public hearings on the merger in San Diego and Orange County, which we will list here.

On Thursday, July 7th there will be a public hearing in San Francisco.  If you or people in your network can attend please encourage them, here is your invite: http://ow.ly/5xs8d

To find specific ways you will be effected check out these filings and statements we have created:

New Media Rights letter to CPUC encouraging investigation of the AT&T T-Mobile merger

New Media Rights files Petition to Deny the AT&T - T-mobile Merger at the FCC

Federal Policy Analysis

We've now had a chance to read the recent FCC Future of Media Report. In May of 2010 we filed comments in the FCC's Future of Media proceeding. The FCC asked for opinions on everything from journalism to open standards on the internet. While many of the findings and statements do reflect how we believe media is transforming in America, the report lacks specific goals and recommendations. 

These are our thoughts on the future of media, and goals and recommendations that will help us achieve a better future for media in this country.

The Supreme Court ruled June 27 to strike down California's ban on distributing violent video games to minors. The ruling is a victory for free speech, and some see potential ramifications for future communications regulation.

California Policy Work

On June 22, 2011, New Media Rights' Director Art Neill offered the following comments to the California Broadband Council at the State House in Sacramento. The comments suggested additional workgroups, an expanded definition of digital literacy, making all data and materials produced by the Council public domain or openly licensed, as well as observations on challenges with the Comcast's FCC mandated reduced price low-speed internet service.

You can find NMR's comments on community inclusion at the first Broadband Council meeting you can find them here

We apply the trends that we are seeing in our one-to-one assistance to improve media policy. Check out the new Policy Center page at http://www.newmediarights.org/policy


NMR In the Media:

San Diego CityBeat:

Art Neill talks with Peter Holslin about Fair Use, sampling, and the case of TV Girl's song takedown

PC World:

Art Neill speaks to PC World about what to do if you are caught in a filesharing case


New Testimonies:

Read innovator and entrenpreuer David Almilli's testimonial here

Read all of the testimonies of people who have been assisted by New Media Rights at our testimonials center



Save the Date! Mozilla Drumbeat Media, Freedom, and the Web Nov. 4-6


New Media Rights Blogger Network

We are firing up the New Media Rights Blogger Network with more fuel than ever. We have started a Google Group for approved bloggers that are ready to add their quality blogs on new media and tech law to our website. Check out the Blogger's Guidelines and Expectations to learn more what it means to be a part of the network!

Here are some of the latest posts from our NMR bloggers:

Microsoft v Datel and the DMCA by Thomas Yohannan

If you are interested in being a part of the NMR blogger network, contact Mera at mera@newmediarights.org

Remix and Creative Commons news

New Media Rights offers legal help to creators on the use of Creative Commons licenses. We were interested to see how Youtube has recently begun to incorporate this progressive licensing structure into their video options. Although we welcome Creative Commons license inclusion into Youtube's service, the way that Youtube has rolled out its CC license options raises serious questions about the future of the online video ecosystem and how "open" that ecosystem will be.

Kirby Ferguson is a remix artists who has created the Everything is Remix series. He believes that the best creative ideas come from combining already created works, to form something different ("copy, transform, and combine" as he calls this process). Check out all three videos of the series!

Get Involved!

Are you ready to support the empowerment of individuals and non-profits being legally protected in the online space and when creating and sharing their works?

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