Clinical Program & Internships

New Media Rights functions due in large part to our internship program. New Media Rights interns work under the supervision of our experienced Executive Director and Staff Attorney. Under this supervision they are entrusted with handling many of the cases New Media Rights takes on. Interns learn critical legal skills such as contract drafting, complex intellectual property analysis and even litigation and policy analysis skills. Interns also have had the opportunity to give presentations to local community groups and at conferences.

New Media Rights prides itself on training the next generation of lawyers to be sensitive to the needs of independent creators. Especially training them to be aware of the complex policy and legal considerations that surround the new media economy.

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"NMR was my first internship in law school and it was an incredible learning experience. I specifically remember helping an emerging filmmaker with copyright and trademark issues, as well as drafting a non-disclosure agreement for him, to ensure he could share his eye-opening documentary with the public without any legal problems or delays." 

- J. Salinas, Attorney at Seyfarth Shaw LLP


"Being a legal intern at NMR was such a rewarding experience because it allowed me to help artists, musicians and other creatives bring their ideas to life.  It showed me that the law doesn't have to be used as a tool to inhibit creative expression, but rather one that can enhance it. NMR is an innovative organization because it recognizes the unique legal complexities that social media creates and it isn't afraid to stand up for the creative consumer."

- Michael Donahue, In-house Counsel, Netflix Documentaries, formerly attorney in Business & Legal Affairs at Bunim Murray Productions


As an intern at New Media Rights I witnessed first-hand what a beneficial resource New Media Rights is to the community. I started working at NMR merely to gain experience in the legal field of intellectual property and provide assistance to the creative community. However, after only a few weeks with the group I knew I was going to walk away with much more than just experience. Art and Shaun not only opened my eyes to the possibility that legal work could be fun and creative, but also incredibly enriching.

I sincerely hope that I will be as successful in creating the intimate and positive work environment that exists at New Media Rights, as well as help as many people as they have over the years. Art and Shaun aren’t just great lawyers, they’re great mentors. I was extremely lucky to work with them at New Media Rights and I am very proud to have been a part of such an amazing and useful organization.

- Laura Patrick, Owner and Chief Marketing Officer at Bay Street Biergarten


I am forever grateful for my time at New Media Rights because it was the springboard that fueled my passion for intellectual property rights law.  While working directly under both Shaun and Art, I learned everything from Federal and State Trademark law to Copyright law and the DMCA.  Both Shaun and Art were patient with me as I navigated my way through the complicated subjects of IP law and always pointed me in the right direction.

I am still also amazed at the number of "thanks" we received on almost a daily basis.  It is what motivated me to keep working hard because the appreciation that we received from our clients continued day in and day out.  The harder I worked, the more I learned and the more support and encouragement I would receive from the NMR staff.  NMR is more than just a non-profit law firm, it is a family of IP nerds dedicated to helping the little guy.  I wouldn't trade my experience there for anything.

-Ben Hoffman, Founder, Oficialize 

Art and Shaun are talented and passionate about their work and committed to providing affordable assistance to the community. They truly inspired me to think in new and exciting ways about many important issues that touch all our lives.

- Courtney Byrne, J.D.


My legal internship at New Media Rights was both educational and fun. I found my home working in non-profit, and in developing my expertise to aid artists and creators. I worked on myriad projects: researching the copyrightability of video games and smart phone apps, writing an article on the Righthaven cases, and battling YouTube's indiscriminate take-down policy in order to protect Anita Sarkeesian's fair use of copyright in her informative videos. My involvement in New Media Rights also led me to my current position at Free Software Foundation, where I continue to be involved in the copyright and non-profit community.

-Chrissie Himes, Free Software Foundation