Services New Media Rights Offers For Game Developers

Picuture Courtsey of Grendo11, licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

So you’re a game developer. You take elegant code and turn it in to amazing games. Maybe you design board or card games instead.  Regardless you create awesome games that people love to play.

You’re collaborative, often working informally with a team of coders and artists to produce your game.Sometimes you sign written contracts as part of business, but often you just focus on getting your game out the door. Unfortunately occasionally disputes arise. Who owns the game? Can someone on your team leave, take the code, and use it to create their own game that you don't profit from or get credit for? 

You want to be able to gather data from users, but you want to do it in a way that avoids lawsuits and looking like you're the NSA. You wonder what kind of notice you need to provide your users, and how to draft a privacy policy and terms of use that lets users clearly know the conditions of their use of your app.  You wonder if you should have a specially tailored privacy policy and terms of service instead of copying and pasting Facebook’s.  Hint: You should.

And you love producing content. But it’s sometimes easier to just grab images and music from online, that is until you get a cease and desist letter because you're infringing on someone's copyrighted work. Or maybe it was a trademark violation, after all how were you supposed to know making your own version of “Family Feud” and calling it that violated trademark law? Regardless you just spent so much time working on a game will never see the light of day. Maybe you should have had someone look at your idea for the game beforehand.

Maybe your a video game creator that would just like some of your questions answered in a series of YouTube videos.

That’s why New Media Rights provides free, reduced fee  and competitive fee legal services. If you’re a game developer we can help with the following issues.

  • Pre-Release Review of App for copyright and trademark issues.
  • Writing Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.
  • Counseling on user privacy, data aggregation, and trademark issues.
  • Review and writing of contracts.
  • Help with DMCA takedowns of an app from an app distribution platform.
  • Help with cease and desist letters for copyright and trademark infringement.
  • Our Legal Aspects of Game Development educational video series.

Now that you know how New Media Rights can help you, please feel free to fill in our contact form here.