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New Media Rights is currently not taking any new requests for legal services until November 28th. If you have a legal question or want to request legal services that require immediate attention, please seek legal counsel from a private attorney or a legal clinic. If your request does not require immediate attention, please consider filling out our contact form when it becomes available.

We also strongly encourage you to go purchase our book available on Amazon! It's a guide for non-lawyers like you, and rooted in New Media Rights work on nearly 2000 matters over the last decade.

Don't Panic covers a range of legal situations that may arise, from the inception of your business, or the creation of your work, to that dreaded moment (that hopefully doesn’t happen) you get a nasty lawyer letter for the first time. While this book is not a substitute for legal advice, it can serve as a valuable guide to preventing and resolving legal issues.

Don't Panic is organized to help you quickly jump to specific information that will help you through that stage of your work. There are short, straight to the point summaries throughout called “The Bottom Line” providing the essentials you need to know.

Affordably priced and accessibly written, our new book is an essential reference when you're launching your new project.

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