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If you're interested in learning more about our Intern Program including student, click here. We run a hands-on clinic where law students get to work with real intellectual property, media, and privacy law matters under the supervision of experienced attorneys. We focus on preventative and transactional law with an emphasis on teamwork, throughness, and innovation.

Applications for positions

POSITION: Clinical Legal Intern  - Applications accepted each trimester, CWSL students apply through Symplicity.

Title: Clinical Legal Intern

Class: New Media Rights - Internet & Media Law Clinic

Credits: 3 units

Hours of clinic work per week: 13

Application Deadlines

Califnornia Western School of Law Students may either (1) apply during CWSL's Fall and Spring recruiting programs following the deadlines outlined by CWSL's Career & Professional Development office, or (2) apply with us directly. Our application process opens earlier than CWSL's recruiting deadlines, so if you would be interested in applying early, contact us during the times below.

We follow CWSL's Career & Professional Development office's recruiting deadlines. Please refer to the CPDO for specific application deadlines. Generally, these deadlines are

  • Fall: Between mid April and early June
  • Spring: Between early September through early mid/late September
  • Summer: Netween early November and early February 

Note: you only have to apply once. If you send your materials independently to us you do not need to apply a second time through the Career & Professional Development Office's recruiting program or vice-versa. Applying early gives applicants no preference since all applications are reviewed at the same time: the close of CWSL's recruiting process. Finally, please remember that all applicants, no matter how you apply should fill out our New Media Rights Intern Applicant Survey at

If you are not a California Western School of Law student

You can apply directly with us, but you must also apply to the California Western School of Law visiting student program. Through that program, you would be required to take the three credit class associated with the clinic and pay for those credits.

To avoid logistical issues, we recommend non-CWSL students should apply at least 2 semesters in advance. 

Application Instructions: 

1. Please send a resume, cover letter, and writing sample to:

2. Please also fill out our New Media Rights Intern Applicant Survey at

Course Description:

This Clinic provides students with experience working one-on-one with Internet & Media law clients in the field, as well as knowledge and skills regarding regulatory and policy work, scholarship, and public education and outreach. During clinic time, students will help clients including creators, entrepreneurs, and internet users with an array of cutting edge internet, media, communications, and intellectual property law issues. The units include fieldwork and a weekly 2-hour class. Final grades will be based primarily on students’ classroom participation, preparation, casework, self assessment, and community and final case presentations.

Qualifications: 1Ls who have completed their first year, as well as 2Ls and 3Ls are eligible. Copyright, trademark, licensing, and/or other related classes are helpful but not required. 

Employer Contact:

Shaun Spalding 
POSITION: Public Interest Fellowship attorney position  
New Media Rights is always looking for recent graduates or practicing attorneys with public interest fellowships from their firms, law schools or other organizations. These attorneys will be integrated as full-members of the NMR team during their temporary stay at the organization. Please review the job opening for more details about the position and instructions on how to apply. 


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