Services New Media Rights Offers For Internet & Smartphone Users

You’re reading this, which probably means you use the internet. You might even be viewing this from your Smartphone or mobile device.

Maybe you’ve gotten a letter or email saying you’ve illegally downloaded something and you're not sure what to do. Could someone really sue you over a one video download? You're wondering what the consequences might be. Maybe you're sure you actually didn’t download anything and are wondering why you got this letter in the first place.

Maybe you use your smartphone to remix content, taking existing content and putting together something completely new and different. Or at least you think it’s new and different, but the DMCA takedown notice in your in-box seems to say otherwise. And you’re not entirely sure what to do with that takedown notice. You also wonder if maybe there is some content online you could use and only need to say where you got it from, now that would make your life so much easier.

Maybe you're worried about keeping your personal information private, but you’re not sure how to. Most of the privacy polices online are written in complete legal gibberish. You wonder if there’s anything in here that would allow you to control your information.

Maybe you're upset because you think someone has misused your personal information. There are laws prohibiting many types of unwanted emails, text messages, phone calls, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and CAN-SPAM.

Maybe you're just curious. You keep hearing people talk about copyright, trademark, NDA’s, DMCA, copyright alert system, torrents, creative commons and the public domain and you’d like to know what they’re talking about.

That’s why New Media Rights provides free, reduced fee  and competitive fee legal services. If you’re an internet or smartphone user we can help with the following issues.

  • How to legally reuse or remix Copyright protected work (fair use, parody, mash-ups, sampling, remix, etc).
  • Copyright, licensing, trademark and other legal expertise for internet users.
  • Responding to a DMCA takedown notice or cease and desist letters.
  • Advising on your rights regarding unwanted phone calls and text messages, including under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
  • Advising on your rights regarding unwanted emails under CAN-SPAM laws.
  • Respond to other unfair content takedowns, access limitations, and account terminations.
  • Advising how to respond to a demand letter.
  • Advising users of their right to control their personal information, including location based information and personal data.
  • Advising individuals users about other abuses related to the use of your Smartphone, including throttling of broadband internet, problems with pirated mobile apps and other issues.
  • Educating users about intellectual property law through our videos and guides.

Now that you know how New Media Rights can help you, please feel free to fill in our contact form here.