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New Media Rights provides free and reduced fee legal services to individuals, non-profits, and small businesses that have questions regarding Internet, media, and intellectual property law. This includes copyright, trademark, licensing, contracts and First Amendment free speech issues.

If you are NOT a U.S. resident, please know we can only provide services to international clients regarding U.S. copyright law.

If you have a question or want to request legal services, please fill out the form below and an experienced advocate will respond.

Due to tremendous demand for our services, response times may average 6-10 business days.

However, we prioritize responses to New Media Rights supporters (those who have donated at least $25 in the previous 12 months to New Media Rights), typically within about 3 business days. Note: being a supporter does not guarantee we can take your case.

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If you're requesting legal services, please include a brief statement of the public interest benefit of your request. Requests for assistance from individuals whose inquiry has a significant community or public benefit, rather than simply a profit motive, receive priority. Sometimes individuals can demonstrate this by showing their work will be freely available to the public. Preference is given to projects that are released under an open content license such as Creative Commons, or under an open-source software license.
If you are requesting legal services, please include a brief statement of financial need. Individuals who are requesting more in-depth assistance receive priority if they cannot otherwise pay for legal services or if the payment of standard legal fees would significantly deplete the applicant's economic resources or would be otherwise inappropriate.

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New Media Rights is a program of California Western School of Law.