New Media Rights Hosts Discussion Panel at the 21st Annual MLRC Media & Entertainment Conference

Executive Director Art Neil and Assistant Director Erika Lee recently spoke at the 21st Annual Media and Entertainment Law Conference at Southwestern Law School. Co-hosted by the Media Law Resource Center (MLRC), the conference brought together renowned experts to discuss current issues in the entertainment and media law fields.

Neill and Lee moderated a breakout discussion panel about the public domain.  As more and more high-profile works and characters enter the public domain each year, what can and can’t be done with this intellectual property? How do you distinguish between versions of a character? What happens when a character is also a trademark? How important are public domain works for training artificial intelligence? Do works created by artificial intelligence simply enter the public domain upon creation?  We addressed many of these questions throughout our breakout session. READ MORE

Legal Considerations for Startups at the REC Innovation Lab

New Media Rights recently presented a workshop at the REC Innovation Lab at San Diego Miramar College! Assistant Director Erika Lee and Student Fellow Deanna Maayaa were on site to talk about copyright, contracts, and other legal issues common to startups.

“We had a wonderful time presenting at the REC Innovation Lab! Many of the participants were entrepreneurs, and our presentation served as a reminder of some of the important legal considerations they needed to take as they move forward with their projects” said Student Fellow Deanna Maayaa.

We focused on common areas where it can be easy to make mistakes and talked about ways that budding entrepreneurs can prevent some of these common missteps early on. Along the way, we also identified moments where it’s probably a good time to reach out to a lawyer. The event was hybrid, available in person and via zoom, and the turnout was great! READ MORE

Event: Algorithmic Justice: The New Frontier

Please join us for a free panel on Artificial Intelligence called "Algorithmic Justice: The New Frontier" on October 12th at 5pm at California Western School of Law. This event will help kick off the school's Law, Justice, and Technology Initiative as well as the IP, Privacy, and Media Law concentration. You can register at the Eventbrite page for the event. Come join us!


New Media Rights Presented at the KPBS Explore Program Orientation Workshops 2023

Assistant Director Erika Lee and Student Fellow Cristina Meisterling recently presented at the KPBS Explore Local Content Program orientation workshops!

KPBS Explore is a program established to help provide more local programming for San Diego audiences. Most of the programs that have been part of the Explore program are created by local San Diego producers who then have their programs broadcast or distributed via KPBS.  You can read more about the program in general here:

Erika and Cristina spoke about legal issues filmmakers, podcasters and other content creators need to be aware of throughout all stages of production, as well as how copyright and music licensing affects production. READ MORE