New Media Rights Presented at the KPBS Explore Program Orientation Workshops 2023

Assistant Director Erika Lee and Student Fellow Cristina Meisterling recently presented at the KPBS Explore Local Content Program orientation workshops!

KPBS Explore is a program established to help provide more local programming for San Diego audiences. Most of the programs that have been part of the Explore program are created by local San Diego producers who then have their programs broadcast or distributed via KPBS.  You can read more about the program in general here:

Erika and Cristina spoke about legal issues filmmakers, podcasters and other content creators need to be aware of throughout all stages of production, as well as how copyright and music licensing affects production.

Student Fellow Cristina Meisterling had this to say about the workshops: 

"We had a great time speaking with the KPBS explore program participants! Our presentation focused on copyright law basics, as well as other important legal considerations while these individuals move forward with their projects and productions. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to connect with creative individuals like the explore program participants, folks like them are one of the best parts of working at New Media Rights!" 

If you weren’t able to make it to the workshop, you can even watch our presentation on the KPBS YouTube page, and via the KPBS Explore Program page.

This workshop was made possible with support from the City of San Diego Economic Development Department.

About the discussion

What legal issues might come up during pre-production, principal photography, and post-production? What kind of things should you be thinking about before you hire the crew, actors, editors and other creators? What kind of contracts are involved at each stage? How does copyright protect your work, how does it protect the work of others? How do you use third party content in your production, and what steps do you need to take to properly do so? 

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