Fighting for remix culture and against wireless shutdowns - May 2012 newsletter

New Media Rights has been busy helping creators and internet users all Spring, and we have alot to share about what we've accomplished! We're preparing to testify in front of the Copyright Office on behalf of remix artists. We've filed comments with the FCC criticizing the BART wireless phone shutdown in San Francisco. And we've directly assisted over 100 people since the year began with their specific legal issues.  Please stay tuned for some big news regarding the future of New Media Rights that we'll be announcing in the next few weeks.

July Newsletter: New Media Rights takes on the Future of Media Report and AT&T T-Mobile merger

Our July newsletter focuses on New Media Rights work on the Future of Media Report as well as our comments to the California Broadband Council on consumers need for them to set higher goals. Check out New Media Rights in the media, our take on YouTube rolling out Creative Commons Licenses and remix artist Kirby Ferguson's work.

Anita Sarkeesian and Elisa Kreisinger talk about using remix to create powerful messages

Feminist women and remix artists Anita Sarkeesian and Elisa Kreisinger have created these videos about how they use remix and mashup videos to communicate deep analysis about representations of race, gender, sexuality, class and ability in popular culture.

Donald Duck vs. Glenn Beck Remix Video by Jonathan McIntosh

Jonathan McIntosh aka Rebellious Pixels has created this amazing remix video about Donald Duck finding out about Glenn Beck. Today Glenn Beck's response to the video has been posted. The video is a great example of fair use, which allows creators like McIntosh to use existing, copyrighted works, without permission, for the purposes of commentary or criticism.

“Remixing Popular Culture: Subverting Gender and Sexuality with Remix Video”

Julie Levin Russo (Stanford) and Alexis Lothian (USC) as well as Jonathan McIntosh, creator of Buffy vs Edward talk about the power of remix videos and challenging people's perception of sexuality and gender. The event was hosted by Anita Sarkeesian (