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New Media Rights is a hub of creative content, new media legal and how-to guides, policy work and innovative new media projects. Our organization offers the online community a wide range of valuable resources that offer in depth legal analysis (our guides and one-to-one legal assistance) but also have great guides about how to access free music and great creative programs. We also have videos in our playlist section- the latest remixes, videos about subjects we are interested in and much more!

Drumbeat work

There are excellent new media projects forming around Drumbeat San Diego. Please submit your projects through our form and you are welcome to join the Drumbeat Google Group to offer up ideas around new projects. Organizers will be happy to offer up help on shaping the vision of the project and could also help it along significantly.

On October 25 we will be hosting a free film screening of 10 Tactics. This will be the first time in San Diego this movie has been shown. The movie has inspired activists all over the world.

10 tactics for turning information into action is a film that includes stories from 25 rights advocates around the world who have successfully used information and digital technologies to create positive change. To see the trailer and read more about it see our 10 Tactics page.

Executive Director of NMR, Art Neill has posted his project idea and shared it in his latest blog "Data portability policies to ensure an open and competitive internet-an idea whose time has come?"

He writes that: "To maintain a healthy competition amoungt online services heavily reliant on user-submitted datta, it will become increasingly important to make sure user data is easily portable. This will help ensure that popular services make changes according to the interests of their users, and that new services can compete on the basis of their merits and usability, without artificial barriers of competition". To read more visit the blog!

At the latest Drumbeat event, that was held at Bamboo Lounge in Hillcrest San Diego we connected and worked to find answers to some of our logistical questions around Drumbeat as well as find new projects that we feel would be valuable to the San Diego community. Artists, Activists and Technologists came together to mix and mingle, watch videos of Drumbeat projects being speedgeeked.

We are currently organizing with people like you - local leaders, technologists, and artists, to shape Drumbeat San Diego, a participatory event hosted by New Media Rights and Mozilla Foundation. The event needs your ideas and leadership to be successful, so we encourage you to get involved as an organizer or consider proposing a project for the event.


NMR Policy Work

New Media Rights works at the forefront of helping offering resources to the public on latest new media policies that effect each of us on a daily basis because it effects the way we receive and use and have access to media.

New Media Rights is a part of the Coalition for Fair Media. The Coalition has recently written an open letter to President Obama encouraging him to heavily scrutinize the Comcast, NBC merger. The merger has far reaching implication on video markets, future innovative strives of entreprenuers working to create new services and applications.

In a recent op-ed, Art explains how the Comcast-NBC merger would effect San Diego.

We also have created a sample platform for representatives to use as a draft that they can personalize, to show support for an open internet. It is very important that we the people engage our policians with the people's needs when it comes to online freedom. Share this sample platform with your representative by emailing them the sample and telling them how valuable an open internet is to you.

Drumbeat San Diego Featured Posts

  • We have created great, new resources on our site so you can get more involved in Drumbeat San Diego!

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