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How to submit your projects for Drumbeat San Diego: 

  1. Please submit your projects to the Drumbeat Project site. You will need to create an account. The site enables you to create a blog, receive comments as well as find people who want to collaborate on your project.
  2. Fill out the below form on this page.

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Drumbeat Projects - This is where the rubber meets the road, with many unique ways to get involved and learn from others in your community.  Try something new, lend your skills, and build with your community in a variety of exciting spaces detailed below.

  • The Open Data Project combines the efforts of the open data community and journalism community in San Diego. This project will allow you to see raw data sets can be transformed into a story that grips people’s attention and provides new insight about our local community.  The space will provide a forum for discussion of how to gain access to important data and the methods used to translate raw data into data-driven journalism and effective advocacy. Lorie Hearn of the Watchdog Institute and Jed Sundwell of Open San Diego will also be working with participants to examine data of 911 phone calls compiled over a month period. Diverse participation in examining the stories within the data will help find effective narratives for journalism stories. Journalism plays a critical role in examining the importance of the data findings and building advocacy around the findings. 

     For more information on this project visit:

  • The EAT Good Food project offers readily available information about the new options of organic foods in our local farmers markets. The EAT Good Food Project aims to create a website or phone app about the location of our local food organic food markets as well as the new organic food options available. The Drumbeat San Diego event will be participatory and open opportunity for various communities to come together and voice their needs in connecting easier with their local farmers markets. This type of info-activism is vital to the sustainment of our physical bodies and growth of our local communities.

 For more information on this project visit:

  • Citizen 2.0- Citizens' Oversight Projects is trying to encourage open government by fostering active citizens to attend and monitor local government meetings.  The wiki is a place for the public to discuss local issues, share information, and take action on the often overlooked actions of local governments.  Learn about your rights to access public meetings, ask questions about a successful online open government project, and help Citizen Oversight Projects expand and grow its work beyond San Diego. 

           For more information on this project visit:

  • Open Source i& Music Experimentation  space will provide a space to learn how to use open source music software such as Audacity, Ardour, Pd, and Hydrogen. Understand why musicians are talking so much about copyright, copyleft, and Creative Commons. Experiment working with samples to create a short sketch of a musical composition, and learn about the different ways you can share with others the music you create.

Description:  The goal of this Drumbeat space is to give participants a basic practical understanding of open source tools and techniques for the composition of sample-based experimental electronic music. Hands on labs are interleaved with critical discussion on various topics surrounding the practice of sample-based composition: notions of ownership in music; alternatives to copyright such as Creative Commonsi and Copyleft; and the constant presence of musical borrowing throughout music history. Sampling will be discussed in its widest possible musical definition, including how it may change the nature of musical creativity and how it is affecting a wider culture.

This activity is of an experimental nature: departing from your one's own musical background, participants will be encouraged to creatively question underlying musical assumptions and to explore original ways of composing music through the use of existing music. The following music software will be used: Audacity, Ardour, PureData (Pd), and Hydrogen. No prior experience or music theory background necessary. Online resources for making your music available on the web will also be presented and compared.

  • HTML 5 Playground
  • P2P University - Come learn about P2PU, which provides Learning for everyone, by everyone, about almost anything
  • Open Source & Worldwide Drumbeat projects showcase - This space will offer participants a chance to freely experiment with a variety of Open Source Software, and showcase a number of Drumbeat projects that are part of Mozilla's worldwide Drumbeat initiative.

The FabLab San Diego - Fablab is a place where you can make just about anything, and they'll be offering a space where participants will be able to get their hands dirty

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