An Introduction to Drumbeat San Diego: A Collaboration of Mozilla Foundation and New Media Rights

Our Mission Statement for Drumbeat San Diego:

This event arises from a realization of the value to our communities that emerges from technologies and information that anyone can use, learn from, or build upon. We want to celebrate and be part of promoting projects, technologies, and services that facilitate participation, allowing anyone to become involved and innovate. This event is one way that we can ensure the internet remains a decentralized, democratic space in which responsibility and control is spread among all users.

Your invite to collaborate with New Media Rights on a San Diego Drumbeat event:

New Media Rights has been working with the Mozilla Foundation's new Drumbeat initiative to envision an event that encourages participation in new media and web openness including Creative Commons and open source software. Drumbeat planning meeting

The event would highlight the ways in which the open Internet, as well as open technological and cultural standards (ie Creative Commons and Open Source licensing), serve as a democratizing force for citizens to speak, artists to share their creativity, and creators of all types to collaborate to improve our world.

The event would aim to bring together a variety of individuals who are interested in creating projects on site during the event and contribute that work to the growing Drumbeat projects. The event would be aimed to include not only software developers (coders), but particularly artists, filmmakers, musicians, citizen journalists, lawyers, and other groups dependent on an open Internet.

We are aiming to develop an event that reaches out to people who are, and as a result of this event, will be, experimenting, inventing, creating, and exploring new media. We seek your input to shape this event and to get individuals in San Diego involved in a meaningful and coordinated way.

While the basic concept of Drumbeat is very participatory (ie the focus is on circular discussions and actual working on projects rather than classroom setting), our event is an open slate and we'd like you to be part of laying the groundwork for what this event could be.

So far, Mozilla Drumbeat expects to have events in New York, Boston, San Diego (that's us!), San Francisco, Philadelphia, Columbus, Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, and Montreal this year. They have already completed a Germany and Brazil event.

We are part of a global movement that is empowering communities to create new media projects to better the world we live in. We hope that you will be as excited about the opportunity to collaborate and develop idea on this as we are.

Please contact Mera at or by phone at (619) 591-8870 to learn more about the project and organizing !


Conference agenda pages : Please feel free comment and help build these

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Check out the San Diego Drumbeat Mozilla Wiki !


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