Drumbeat Workshops / Sessions

Workshops and Sessions will be the main focus of the Drumbeat event.

These interactive, participatory, workshops are meant to engage and educate those attending. We look forward to your input and working to get them off the ground !


Some ideas we have are:

Session 1
Spectrogram: This session will be highly collaborative opportunity to invite participants to share their views on the open Web, the present and future of the Internet, and on related topics.

Some information on human spectrograms: http://www.kstoolkit.org/Human+Spectrogram

Session 2 
Speedgeeking: This is a really easy and helpful way to get everyone talking with each other and sharing projects they are interested in. Basically there would be an inner and outer circle and we would do this in about 3-4 min intervals.  
Collaborative Break-out sessions 
Where people can present specific projects/ maybe we will have a “how to speak with different people about an open web session”/ working on specific project if its a small group/maybe a media production break out here

Articulating Open Web: Toronto Drumbeat event where participants break into smaller groups to dicuss "How to communicate open web ?" to different audiences.

Other events to look at:

NYC Drumbeat

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