Congresspeople and the Public gather to raise concerns on the Comcast-NBC merger in LA

A Congressional panel heard comments on Monday  in L.A. about  the proposed merger between Comcast and NBC Universal. They heard testimony from the public and as well as organizations such as the National Hispanic Media Coalition and the Coalition of African American Owned Media on how the merger might affect media diversity. Here are some of the latest articles about what was expressed during the hearing:



LA Times

Comcast-Universal merger attacked


NY Times

Guarantees Are Sought in Comcast-NBC Deal


KPCC California Public Radio

Congressional panel examines how Comcast-NBC merger would affect diversity


National Journal – Tech Daily Dose

Merger Critics: Comcast Has Shoddy Record on Media Diversity



Congresswoman Hints That Comcast May Have Tried To Buy Her Support



Solons hammer Comcast on diversity


Hollywood Reporter

NBCU-Comcast foes afraid to speak out?


LA Business Report

Comcast-Universal Merger Attacked


LA Times

Sparks and accusations fly at Comcast - NBC Judiciary Committee hearing


The Hill

FCC must conduct a thorough review of the Comcast/NBC-Universal merger




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