Comcast-NBC merger

Critics of Comcast-NBC merger expect widespread consumer frustration if merger is approved

Cablevision subscribers have been put through the ringer as FOX and Cablevision had a drawn out their most recent dispute. Many subscribers could not watch FOX sports and entertainment programming which led to a lot of frustration. Mera Szendro Bok explains why all Americans who watch TV as well as independent creators will share their frustration, if the Comcast-NBC merger passes.

Coalition to President Obama: Comcast-NBC merger must be a "rigorous regulatory process"

This week the Coalition for Fair Media published an open letter to President Obama urging a "rigorous regulatory process" of the Comcast-NBC merger. The Coalition consists of New Media Rights and 23 other diverse groups including public interest groups and private organizations standing up for heavy scrutiny of the merger. To read more about the harms of the merger read Art Neill's op-ed on why the merger matters for San Diegans and Mera's overview of Comcast-NBC merger.

New Media Rights joins Coalition for Competition in Media

New Media Rights has joined a new coalition which opposes Comcast's proposed acquisition of NBC-Universal.

We are particularly concerned with the what the merger means for the future of the Internet.

Chief among New Media Rights' concerns are that Comcast will exercise its increasing power as an internet access provider as well as a source of content to affect how the Internet evolves as a central platform for accessing entertainment, news and information.

New Media Rights is committed to ensuring consumers have diversity, access, and lower rates, which we believe this merger will not provide.