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"Rojo means "RSS with mojo." That’s our secret ingredient for creating the best RSS feed reader on the web. This introductory tour shows you how Rojo is a more efficient way to get your news every day. (If you familiar with feed reading, see the Rojo Mojo Tour for how Rojo is different.)

What are feeds and what is feed reading?

A feed is simply a way to get new content from a web site. Publishers and bloggers now publish their content in feeds (often known as RSS feeds) which are streams of free syndicated content. The content can range from a new article on, a new movie release on Netflix, or a new entry on a friend’s blog. So instead of visiting lots of web sites every day to get your news, read blogs, and see what’s news—with a feed reader like Rojo that information comes to you!

Think of it as doing for content what email did for correspondence--bringing all your sources into one place."

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