Adam Singer on CC licenses and Music Promotion

Adam Singer is a musician and “social media guru” who used his expertise in both fields to find a more harmonious means of online promotion. As a relatively “unknown artist”, Singer saw little return on efforts to profit from his works as CDs and digital downloads, selling only a few copies with “mixed results”.

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Norway coughs up the kroners to support use of open source software in the public sector

Norway has decided to commit money to adapt the OpenOffice suite for various government uses. This follows a commitment by Norway in 2006 to use more open source software in government functions. It will be interesting to see if any developments and modifications get picked up and used or modified by other governments.

Sun: Java will be free this year

The only element that's left now is actually a sound-related component within Java. We finally decided that the vendor that's involved there just isn't going to play ball and we're rewriting the code from scratch. That's going to be done within the next couple of months."

Phipps says Java is expected to be completely free within the coming few months. "I'm expecting that certainly by the end of this year and hopefully sooner we'll have all of the source code for Java under the GPL", he said. - ZDNet Asia

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