RIAA wins $1.9 million judgment in retrial of alleged filesharer Jammie Thomas

A retrial of Jammie Thomas, who has been unique in her refusal to settle with the RIAA's filesharing gestapo, has ended with an even greater jury verdict against her. This time, instead of $9,250 per song allegedly shared on Kazaa, the jury found her guilty of "willful" infringement at $80,000 per song. As if you weren't already scratching your head at the current state of copyright law (think the failure of the DMCA to account for fair use, copyright term of 70 years plus life of the author)

MediaSentry has been acting as a private investigator to the RIAA in file-sharing lawsuits...without a license

The RIAA has employed a company named MediaSentry to act as a private investigator in targeting users of Kaza and other P2P networks in its file-sharing lawsuits? The problem? MediaSentry isn't licensed to act as a private investigator. Read more.