New Media Rights calls on California Broadband Council to set higher goals: inclusiveness, openness, and expanded definitions of digital literacy

On June 22, 2011, New Media Rights' Director Art Neill offered the following comments to the California Broadband Council. The comments suggested additional workgroups, an expanded definition of digital literacy, making all data and materials produced by the Council public domain or openly licensed, as well as observations on challenges with the Comcast's FCC mandated reduced price low-speed internet service.

New Media Rights calls for improved CA broadband buildout process and true digital literacy

On June 23, 2011 Art Neill spoke before the CA Broadband Council on the importance on community based working groups being involved in the $500 million-dollar broadband buildout process. Art also spoke about the importance of the council fully understanding what digital inclusion would look like in California, if they were to be successful.

New Media Rights calls for community inclusion in California Broadband Buildout process

New Media Rights supported community groups and local voices at the first California Broadband Council meeting, which took place at the State Capital on February 28th, 2011. New Media Rights called for meaningful community stakeholder inclusion and transparency in allocating close to $500 million dollars in monies to various projects.

The FCC Chairman & the US Broadband Spectrum

By Thomas Yohannan

The theme of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was any content, anywhere, anytime, and on any device.  It is CES, so you could expect that every company was showing off their new models from tablets to 3D TVs. This year’s darling was the tablet, with the Motorola Mobility's Xoom and Research In Motion's Playbook garnering the most attention.  The best in show went to the Motorola Altrix.  


With the major national carriers racing to launch 4G devices, including HSPA+, LTE, and, in Sprint's case, WiMAX devices, there continues to be a growing importance of the wireless spectrum in the U.S. economy.  Innovation is not only needed for the devices, but for the network on which the devices rely.  

New Media Rights FCC comments on Broadband Legal Framework and the "Third Way"

New Media Rights' comments to the FCC on the broadband legal framework and the "Third Way" include:

Discussion of concerns regarding content level regulation and its affect on the generativity of the internet as well as copyright regulation.

Classification of terrestrial wireless broadband services and its impact on Consumer Protection.

Legal and Procedural Considerations Regarding the “Third Way”

The Great Broadband Mapping Distraction

It’s unfortunate that the issue of broadband mapping is taking up any time and energy, much less about $350 million in stimulus money. Discussion of mapping takes away from discussion of the real issue – deployment, and why large companies have to be begged to provide service to some areas while they go to court and to state legislatures to prevent others from filling the gap.

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