How To Find Free and Legal BitTorrent Sites

Free, legally distributed books, movies, and music are just waiting to be discovered online, so it’s a shame that fans aren’t aware of all of the Bittorrent tracker sites where this content is freely available. By downloading from the sites on this list, you’ll support artists and avoid a copyright infringement lawsuit from the RIAA.

Legal and How-to Guides for Independent Creators, Internet Users, nonprofits, and small businesses

Our educational guides are organized by category and title below. We also have the Fair Use app and 150+ video guides available.  You can check out our video legal guides by clicking here!  You can also buy our new book Don't Panic, a plain language legal guide that every creator and business should have when starting a project.

New Media Rights Guides are available to browse, read and learn from. They are organized by category and title.

Webtreats Glowing Neon Social Media Icons by Flickr user webtreats used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license

Video Editing and Shot Techniques: Study of jump cuts, match cuts and cutaways

New Media Rights' Pete Fuentes teaches the basics of jump cuts, match cuts and cutaways. The video is also an excellent example of fair use, quoting three scenes from famous films to illustrate practical examples. Original creativity, fair use, and creative commons = new creativity.

Essential Free and Open Source Software Toolkit

A tool kit full of Free or Open Source software
Open source software has gained popularity because of its effectiveness, flexibility, security, and low cost. By adopting an entirely new philosophical approach to software development and user freedom, open source software empowers you, the downstream user not just to use it to perform a task, but to build upon, adapt, and modify it to fit your needs. In this way thousands of developers and users around the world are able to work to improve the software's effectiveness, flexibility, and security. Join the many people around the world using open source software, a way of life that encourages openness, sharing, community, innovation, and discovery.

How to find free music, images, and video you can use or remix in your own creative works

Sometimes its hard to find music, images, and video that you can freely reuse in your own creative project without fear of attorneys or the FBI showing up at your door. This resource serves as a guide to find works by artists who WANT you to reuse and build upon their work. You can also check out our Creative Commons, Fair Use, and copyright guides to learn more about reusing and remixing content.