Meraki free mesh WiFi network spreading across San Francisco

Evan sez, "Meraki makes it brain dead simple to share wi-fi and pushes it out to massive scale at super low costs. The result is free wi-fi across areas much bigger than previously feasible by individuals, and at much lower cost and subject to much lower red tape than previous municipal wi-fi projects."

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From Magna Carta to the Sky Trust

It’s always invigorating when scholars and activists interested in the commons get together.  Last Friday more than 100 of us convened in Milwaukee to learn how commons activism stretches back to the Magna Carta – and how seeds, sky, airwaves and city spaces spaces are vulnerable commons that need to be protected.  The symposium was called, “From Magna Carta to the Sky Trust:  The Historical Arc of the Commons,” and it was hosted by the Center for 21st Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Kathryn Milun of the Tomales Bay Ins

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