Web-Based Mind-Mapping: Outline, Plan and Brainstorm Ideas Together With MindMeister

If you are looking to find an effective way to collaborate, brainstorm, visualize and plan ideas collaboratively online, much beyond what voice and text chat can do, it is the time you give a good try to the mind-mapping experience. IKONOS-roles-mindmap-485.gif A roles and responsibilities mindmap collaborative mindmap created with MindMeister

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The Ideal Camcorder For Small Independent Video-Makers: The Canon FS and HF Series - Wow!

Independent videomakers rejoice! The new Canon FS-100 camcorder is here and this is a great, highly portable and inexpensive video camera for anyone seriously interested in producing quality video with the minimum hassle.

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C-Shirt: T-Shirts, But Way Cooler With CC

Came across this awesome business that’s been building up traction in Japan called C-shirt — powered by media-wiki company Nota that leverages Creative Commons licensing in a pretty unconventional way. At first glance, it might seem like one of the innumerable t-shirt vendor sites out there — but it is, in fact, way, way cooler.

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