Join the world's first virtual online collaborative orchestra

 The folks from Youtube are asking for musicians to join the world's first "collaborative online orchestra" over at the Google Blog . Video entries will then be voted on by users worldwide and the favorite performers will get to perform in a concert at Carnegie hall. Excuse me while I go grab my trumpet.


Blogger Arrested for Leaking Songs from Unreleased Guns N' Roses Album

Kevin Cogill, a blogger on Antiquiet, a site that provides "uncensored music reviews and interviews," was arrested yesterday at his home near Los Angeles on suspicion of violating federal copyright law after he allegedly posted nine songs from the unreleased -- and highly-anticipated -- Guns N' Roses album "Chinese Democracy."

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You discover an up and coming band, and you want a copy of their music, but the band doesn't give the music away, what to do?

* Just Bittorrent it already! I'll go to their show and make up for it.
* Bittorrent it but ALSO buy it later, it's only fair!
* Buy it, it's the only way!
* Just record it at a show
* Just record it off Myspace or Youtube

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Nine Inch Nails chooses Creative Commons, but what does that really mean?

Sure, NIN has licensed their new album using Creative Commons , but what does it mean for grassroots creators who want to share, remix, or sample it? What are the practical impacts of NIN choosing Creative Commons on day to day use of their work? There's bound to be more artists adopting CC licenses, so let's see what's acceptable and what's not.