NMR Testimonial: Filmmaker Shannon Sun-Higginson & the documentary GTFO:The Movie

I am an independent documentary filmmaker based in New York City, and worked with New Media rights on my first feature film, "GTFO." I was referred to New Media Rights by one of women featured in my movie, director/producer Anita Sarkeesian.

GTFO Trailer from GTFO Movie on Vimeo.

"GTFO" is a documentary about women in the video game industry, and as such, contained a lot of footage that brought up questions of copyright. Because it was my first feature, I had no concept of what I could or could not legally include in the final cut. New Media Rights was integral to the editing process, and their input was an invaluable asset to myself and my editors. They meticulously went through the film frame by frame and explained every piece of footage that we could or could not include. Without them, I would have been lost! I am so grateful for the hard work they put into my movie, from beginning to end.

I am enthusiastically recommending them to all of my fellow filmmakers, and hope that I get to work with them on future projects. Thank you to Teri Karobonik and the rest of the New Media Rights team!

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