NMR Testimonial: Susan Myrland

Susan Myrland, an internet user, ran in trouble when an unscrupulous advertising company recreated an old personal website of Susan's without permission, and then incorporated spam advertisements on the site. New Media Rights helped Susan respond to the abuse of her personal information and fix the damage this created, here's how.

How did you find out about New Media Rights?

I attended Voice of San Diego’s Politifest 2011 where New Media Rights had a booth.  I met Art, we discussed my situation and then continued to connect via email.

What was the problem that you asked New Media Rights to assist you on?

I had an old website that I’d deleted in October 2006.  I let the domain name expire and the site remained vacant for a few years, generating a 404 error and not appearing on searches.  In March 2010 I noticed it had been recreated using all my personal information (name, address, phone number, resume and logo) and with spam links embedded throughout.  I tried contacting the host but they ignored me.

How did you feel about having this problem?  

It was the #2 result on a search for my name which was personally embarrassing and professionally damaging.  Since I couldn’t get any response from the host site, I didn’t know where to begin to fix the problem.  Friends suggested I file a federal complaint or hire an attorney.  I was concerned about cost and time, and didn’t know anyone with the expertise I needed.  

How did New Media Rights help you with your problem?

Art Neill responded immediately.  He explained how the site violated my copyright and walked me through the steps to have it removed from search results.  I contacted Google using the links he provided and they took action within a day.  I then began to work with Shaun Spalding to go through the process again for Bing/Yahoo.  That was more time-consuming but eventually paid off.  Shaun also contacted the “advertisers” and succeeded in getting the most visible spam link removed.

How has NMR helped improve your life?

It was very disturbing to have my personal information and business name exploited.  I felt as if I had to apologize to potential clients and explain that I wasn’t trying to sell payday loans or timeshares.  I had no control over this site even though it had my name on it.  I was at a complete loss to know where to start since the host is not located in the U.S. and would not respond to me.  NMR used very clear, easy-to-understand terms to explain what I could do on my own and where their representation might have more impact.  They made phone calls and sent emails to the advertisers – something that, as a small business owner, I never had the time to do.     

Although the site still exists, it does not come up search results and is therefore less valuable to the host.  I hope that eventually it will cease to exist.

Why would you suggest other people check out New Media Rights and ask for assistance from us?

I was very impressed by the wide range of services that NMR offers, their willingness to work with small organizations and creative people, and the quantity of time they put in on my behalf.  Much of the recent news about SOPA and PIPA focused on the other side of the copyright protection issue.  My story is an example where a DMCA takedown was entirely appropriate – and two months ago, I didn’t know what “DMCA takedown” meant.  New Media Rights bridges two very different worlds: a fast-changing and complex legal area, and the creative industry.  I was very lucky to meet them and grateful for their help.

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