New Media Rights Executive Director Art Neill reappointed to FCC Consumer Advisory Committee for a third term

SAN DIEGO, May 6, 2015 - New Media Rights' internet user and consumer advocacy efforts were recognized again this week with the appointment of New Media Rights Executive Director Art Neill to a third term on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC). Neill previously has served as the Co-Chair of the CAC’s Broadband Working Group.  Staff Attorney Teri Karobonik will join Neill, serving as New Media Rights’ alternate representative to the CAC for a second term. The FCC committee works to serve the interests of consumers by soliciting their input during the regulatory process and working to improve consumer access to modern communications services.

 “Our appointment to the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee gives us a place where we can share the concerns of internet users and consumers directly with regulators,” said Neill. “Good public policy starts with actually knowing what’s happening on the ground. New Media Rights focuses its efforts on helping a variety of consumers and creators often left out of conversations about public policy that affects them.”

This year the Committee has been tasked with proposing ways Internet Service Providers should disclose key information to consumers to comply with the Open Internet rules heightened transparency requirements. New Media Rights advocated strongly for reclassification of Broadband Internet under Title II of the Communications Act, and is excited to bring our internet user, consumer-first approach, and experience working with over 1400 clients who rely on an open Internet to this task.

In addition to providing a much-needed voice for consumers on the FCC committee, we're excited about the hands-on training opportunities our appointment creates for California Western students interested in practicing internet and media law. In the past, California Western students have had the opportunity to be a part of critical policy work including leading the efforts to modernize the processes to bring free or low cost high-speed broadband to classrooms and libraries around the county.

About New Media Rights
Founded by attorney Art Neill in 2007, New Media Rights offers one-to-one assistance and education for independent creative entrepreneurs, journalists, and internet users. New Media Rights also takes part in regulatory proceedings at the FCC and U.S. Copyright Office to shape policy and regulation around internet, copyright, and privacy issues.

The program joined California Western School of Law in July 2012, joining other distinguished legal programs at California Western, including the California Innocence Project and Community Law Project, which share a focus on individuals without access to legal services.

For questions about New Media Rights, contact Art Neill at 619-591-8870 or

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