New Media Rights’ final DMCA Anti-circumvention comments encourage the Copyright Office to protect fair use for all filmmakers

Today, New Media Rights submitted our final set of comments supporting exemptions that allow filmmakers to bypass encryption and technical protections measures for purposes of making fair use.

Specifically, following testimony in May, the Copyright Office requested definitions of a variety of terms including documentary, documentary-like, non-fiction, fictional, scripted, biopic, “inspired by,” imaginative, and “totally fiction” that were used in the proceeding.

In our responses to the Copyright Office's request, we draw on the work of film scholars to explain that genre distinctions are not easily made, and that an exemption for all filmmakers is the best way to proceed.  You can read our latest filing here, and check out the entire proceeding on the Copyright Office's website.

You can see our more extensive earlier comments, supporting exemptions for remix creators, smartphone consumes, and filmmakers, here.  New Media Rights wants to thank fantastic interns Emory Roane and Patrick McManus for their work on this proceeding.

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