Madison Stern


Legal Intern

Joined NMR in: 

May 2020

Madison “Madi” Stern is completing her last year at California Western School of Law. Madi is passionate about working with creatives and entrepreneurs. She has familial roots in design and small businesses and learned early on to appreciate the beauty and value of those who think “outside of the box” to define and create their own success. Madi is a strong believer in empowering our youth in local, underserved communities. In 2016, she initiated a Teen Science Café Network chapter at the Elementary Institute of Science in Southeast San Diego.

Madi has held numerous positions in various industries before deciding to return to school to pursue a degree in law. After working in the nonprofits sector in New York City for a few years, Madi switched gears and partook in a 3-month immersive product management program, where she gained the skill set to lead cross-functional initiatives and bring physical and digital products to life. She moved back to San Diego in 2015 and opened an apparel brick and mortar store, which became profitable within months. Unfortunately, due to a conflict stemming from a naïve decision to use a DIY legal form website instead of hiring an attorney, she lost her business. This experience taught her about the importance of legal work and ignited her desire to become an attorney. Madi wants to use her legal knowledge and background in business to help other entrepreneurs steer clear from common mistakes that are made when starting and building a business.

Madi was born and raised in San Diego. She received her Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Chinese at Whittier College in Los Angeles. Madi is an avid tennis player. Her second favorite sport is boxing. She also enjoys surfing, skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. Madi loves to travel and absorb different cultures. When she is not studying or playing sports, she is on Duolingo learning new languages.