How to Upload, Store, and Share Photos and Images

There are a number of ways to share and host your photos online for free. One option we will discuss here is Flickr.

1. Sign-up for a free Yahoo! email account if you don't already have one.

2. Log in to Flickr with your Yahoo! account.

3. You can now begin to upload your photos. If the buttion is not immediately visible, select "Upload Photos" under the "You" tab.

4. Once your photo has been uploaded, you can change the title, add a description and tags, or create a set (or photo album). If you do not want others to see a photo, make sure the privacy setting is at "private."

5. If your photo is public, Flickr offers a number of licensing options. You can change the licensing on your photo by selecting the photo and looking under the "Additional Information" heading to the right of the image. We strongly urge anyone to select one of the Creative Commons licenses that are available.

6. Your images are now hosted and can be posted on other websites that do not offer hosting themselves. To find your image's URL, select the image and click "All Sizes." At the bottom of the page is a box entitled, "Grab the photo's URL."

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