Donate to New Media Rights through December 31st to help us compete in the Crowdrise Holiday Challenge

New Media Rights is honored to be invited and competing for over $300,000 in the Crowdrise Holiday Challenge. 
Starting NOW, you can help us rise to the challenge by going to our Crowdrise fundraiser page and clicking “Join the Team.” No donation is required to become a team member and show your support, however, donating helps us compete for other bonuses. Once you’ve joined our team though, you can donate to our campaign through our Crowdrise fundraiser page, where we’re collecting all our donations this holiday season. 
The signup process is easy: if you already have a Crowdrise account, just visit our fundraiser page and click “Join the Team.” If you don’t have a Crowdrise account, you can click here for a step by step process on how to sign up
New Media Rights on CrowdRise
After you join the team and donate today, keep an eye out for December 5th. Between December 5th - 19th you can help us with the "active team member" challenge. This challenge awards a $5,000 bonus to the organization that has the most "active team members" between December 5th and 19th. An active team member is one who joins our team and raises at least $10 dollars between December 5th and December 19th. With your help, we think we’ll be able to win. 
Please join our team and donate ASAP. Your donation will help us build on our 2018 Accomplishments.
We appreciate your support for this competition, and we wish you a wonderful holiday season!
Thank you, 
Art, Shaun, Erika & the New Media Rights Team


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