Open Attribute, a simple way to attribute Creative Commons licensed works on the web

Open Attribute - Creative CommonsA big shoutout from New Media Rights to the entire team that has put together OpenAttribute

OpenAttribute simplifies the process of attributing an openly licensed piece of content, by providing a quick link where you can get an HTML or plain text attribution. Paste this code or plain text whereever you are reusing the Creative Commons licensed work, and you can have a properly formatted attribution.

I encourage you to go install this right away and start improving your attributions today!

Back in Barcelona at the Drumbeat Festival in November, I happened to be part of the small breakout group with Molly Kleinman and Jane Park that identified the continuing problem of proper attribution of openly licensed works as a huge barrier to everyday content reuse.

In the months following Drumbeat Festival, Molly Kleinman, Nathan Yergler, and and many others have built an amazing team of individuals who lent their skills and turned that idea into a practical, useful application.  This is another testament to the community and power of the open web, and I want to thank you all for building this useful application. 

This project is a great step for improving attribution for content reuse on the internet.

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