California Western School of Law students help filmmaker on a mission to help end harassment in the gaming community.

Long before Gamergate, a very public display of sexual harassment prompted filmmaker Shannon Sun-Higginson to explore the female experience within the gaming community. Through interviews with video game developers, journalists, and academics, GTFO [The Movie] paints a complex picture of the community as segments of it attempt to evolve to attract a diverse new gaming community against a backdrop of continued misogyny and harassment.

California Western School of Law students Christine Brekke (’15), Irene Choe (’16) and Nick Sabatella (’16) all provided critical preventive legal services to help GTFO [The Movie] thrive. New Media Rights Staff Attorney Teri Karobonik had the following to say:

“The meticulous work of Christine, Irene and Nick helped take GTFO from rough cut all the way to distribution.  It also gave our students a chance to apply their legal knowledge in the context of an ongoing debate, breathing new life into classic legal concepts and helping our students become practice ready.”

For your chance to engage with this ongoing debate check out GTFO[The Movie], now available for rental or purchase on iTunes, Vimeo, BitTorrent, Google Play, Xbox, Playstation, and Vudu.

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