New Media Rights files Reply Comments in the AT&T - T-mobile merger review at the California Public Utiltities Commission

AT&T T-mobile merger

New Media Rights and its affiliates Utility Consumers' Action Network and Privacy Rights Clearinghouse filed Reply Comments to the California Public Utilities Commission investigation into the AT&T - T-mobile merger.  After attending the innovation and consumer workshops, and reading a mountain of additional paperwork, we're more convinced than ever that the CPUC should recommend denial of the merger.

We talk about specific reasons why in our comments, and also suggest that in the event the Commission does choose to recommend to the FCC to approve with the merger, some significant conditions should be placed in California.

New Media Rights encourages state regulators in California to investigate the AT&T T-Mobile merger

NMR and UCAN urged the The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) this week to protect telecommunications consumers in California, by taking an active role in response to the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger. The proposed merger will have such a significant impact on telecommunications consumers in California that the Commission should exercise any and all authority it has in this space. This is an opportunity for the Commission to reestablish a tradition of being a leader in protecting communications consumers in California.

San Diego Educators speak about March For California's Future

Educators Lacey Dorman, Jim Miller and Kelly Mayhew, their son Walt and students speak about why the continued budget cuts on the California University system is so destructive. This video was made in the NMR Studio that is free to use by the public.

NMR community journalism project investigates: Are insurance companies paying doctors ?

This is New Media Rights Community Journalism Project's follow-up video to UCAN investigates: Are insurance companies failing to pay doctors ?. In this video John Mattes interviews California Insurance Commissioner to learn about what sort of regulation is happening to create healthcare reform in California.

California AB 632 - misguided legislation would overburden social media and undermine user privacy

The California Legislature is considering a bill from Assemblymember Davis regarding "Internet-based social networking: privacy" that is wrong for social media websites large and small, and does little to protect their users. The Assembly Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media passed a slightly improved version of the bill on March 31, 2009 (5 to 3), which means it is on to the Judiciary Committee, where it hopefully will be stopped.

Why we have a Citizen media & journalism forum?

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The Citizen media and journalism forum is intended to provide a place for the public to talk about the future of news media. As is happening around the country, traditional news media here in San Diego, such as the San Diego Union-Tribune and local TV stations are reducing staff and losing their audiences, diminishing their roles in the community.

The key questions posed here are:


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