UCAN: One phone call can create systemic change

The New Media Rights Studio recently produced this video with for our parent organization UCAN. Filmmaker Roberto Altieri is the Director.

Through your complaints and phone calls to UCAN, your stories create systemic change. Watch the video to learn more about the people who work at UCAN and their unyielding dedication to consumer justice.

What's a cheap way to edit .mov video files?

I am a video-challenged techno geek.  A contractor created for us a 13-minute 760MB .mov (Quicktime) video, which we wish to publish on our web site.  Youtube is limited to 10 minutes.  Vimeo is limited to 500MB per week. is limited to 100MB per file.  Therefore, I need a way to compress or reduce the size of this movie file so I can upload it. 

Can you recommend free-ware software that I can obtain, or can I come into your studio and get this thing down to size?



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Best Tools To Upload Your Video To Multiple Video-Sharing Sites - Mini-Guide

Why upload your video to multiple video-sharing sites and not stick to YouTube to promote your clips? A video published by distributing it to multiple video sharing sites can help you gain valuable inbound links helping your website gain extra visibility on search engines pages results.

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From the site:

- create and layout a web page with any content, using the web browser. No downloads.

- share your new web page and let others add their own content to it.

- form groups with other users to privately collect and collaborate on your web pages.


From the site:

Animoto is a web application that, with the click of a button, produces videos using images and music that a user selects. Using their patent-pending Artificial Intelligence developed to think like an actual editor & director, the resulting video has the emotional impact of a movie trailer and the visual energy of a music video.

UnPlug Firefox Extension

From the site:

UnPlug is an extension which lets you save video and audio which is embedded on a webpage - it's a video download tool.

UnPlug scans web pages and tells you where media players are getting their data from, and displays it as a simple hyperlink: in most cases, you can then follow the simple download link to save the media file.

UnPlug works for lots of sites including,,,,,, and lots, lots more.

Unlike many other extensions, UnPlug scans the page, and if it doesn't know there the data comes from it can guess - correctly most of the time.