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NMR tracks two upcoming trends in copyright reform

copyright graffiti - two dangerous trends in copyright reform

New Media Rights has been tracking recent trends in copyright legislation and enforcement. 2011 has already been filled with scores of individuals being sued in the Far Cry cases for filesharing and the rise of copyright trolls like Righthaven. Below are two more trends to watch that could weaken Internet user's rights.

Is the gatekeeper model of information access the new normal?

On the surface, gatekeepers can look like new services enabling communication with the world around us. However, gatekeepers like Apple or Youtube, whether acting deliberately, recklessly, arbitrarily, or incompetently, can pose significant hurdles to independent creators. 

The FCC's Net Neutrality Rules: A tale of two internets

Support Net Neutrality - shared under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license

The FCC's rules regulating Network Neutrality split the Internet. No more is it the Internet, singular; it’s the Internets, plural. Or more precisely, it’s the two Internets: The wired and the wireless. And the new rules leave the latter virtually unprotected. With the rules soon to come into affect this fall, and public interest and industry groups aligning for lawsuits, here's what the fight is all about.

Patent reform moves in the right direction but there are still barriers for small inventors

Patent Reform - Image of Patent from 1927

President Barack Obama recently signed a patent reform bill as part of his job stimulus plan. The law attempts to remedy a wide range of problems preventing entrepreneurs from inventing and creating new jobs. We discuss these changes as well as a few of the new issues these changes may create.

Cloud Music Services Defend Their Right to Exist Against Record Labels

MP3tunes decision - Screenshot of MP3tunes.com homepage

In August, supporters of cloud music services had a victory when MP3Tunes.com prevailed over EMI Group Ltd. in a lawsuit. One of the biggest concerns of musicians today is how they can monetize their music. With MP3Tunes.com’s recent success in the courtroom, other sound cloud websites like Grooveshark and Spotify are now able to maintain the integrity of their business model without fear of litigation. Read more about the case and find the whole text of the 2011 decision on the New Media Rights blog...

New Media Rights protects another blogger from censorship and DMCA abuse

New Media Rights recently protected blogger Michael Petrelis' speech and commentary regarding another blogger who pretended to be a gay Syrian woman living in Damascus. 

Mr. Petrelis is just one example of the hundreds of individuals who rely on New Media Rights daily.  His story reminds us that we have the right to criticize and comment on the culture that surrounds us.

CPUC AT&T T-Mobile merger Public Hearings and Workshops

Here are the various opportunities you have to share your comments on the proposed AT&T T-Mobile merger. This merger would have widely detrimental effects on all cell phone and landline consumers by raising prices, eliminating competition and jobs in the telecom market.