copyright infringement

MDY v Blizzard: Terms of Use and Copyright Infringement

A recent case was decided upon that is important to the understanding when software license breaches will be treated as copyright infringement or simply breaches of the contract. The case continues to show that a court’s decision one way or the other can have dramatically different results in terms of how much in damages a defendant must pay.

YouTube's victory over Viacom reinforces DMCA safe harbor protections for websites

On June 23, Viacom's claim for $1 billion in damages was shot down when the District Court for the Southern District of New York found YouTube and its owner Google not liable for copyright infringement in a much-anticipated decision. The two corporate giants have been at it since 2007, when Viacom joined with other plaintiffs including Paramount Pictures and sued YouTube, claiming that the online video service was legally responsible for copyright infringement when users posted clips of copyrighted material, including The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, owned by plaintiffs.