Finance and Distribution for independent TV, Film, and Online Content 101 - San Diego Film Week Workshop

Come join us February 11 from 12pm-2pm for a workshop on financing and distributing your films and video content! Here's a link to buy tickets.

The workshop is part of San Diego Film Week will be held at Studio Unseen, 4608 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116.

Anyone creating independent TV, film, or online content has to wear many diverse hats these days. To be a professional filmmaker means not just knowing how to produce film, but how to handle financing and distribution. Come learn about the legal and business aspects of film financing and worldwide distribution.

The workshop will be in two parts. First Jeff Deverett of Deverett Media will give a thorough overview on financing & distribution. Then, we will have an open Q&A with a panel of experienced business and legal experts, including attorneys Valerie Nemeth of the San Diego Sports and Entertainment and Sports Lawyers, Inc and Art Neill of New Media Rights along with other special guests with particular expertise in financing and distribution.


Based in San Diego, Jeff and Deverett Media Group specializes in the production & distribution of high quality Independent TV & film content. Jeff’s team includes experienced TV and Film executives who provide consulting, guidance and assistance to independent filmmakers in the creation of content, development of release strategies, domestic and international program launch strategy and delivery platforms.

Expanding her practice from Los Angeles to San Diego in 1984, Valerie Nemeth has concentrated her area of practice in the entertainment and intellectual property arenas, performing such services as negotiation and drafting of agreements in the film, television, music and publishing fields, as well as the protection and licensing of trademark and copyright ownership. Valerie also has served as an arbitrator for the Superior Courts of both Los Angeles and San Diego Counties from 1982 to 2005. She has served as an adjunct professor of business law at the University of Redlands, on the Board of Directors of the Independent Film Society, and as a guest speaker to both students and professionals in the entertainment and IP arenas. She is a founding director of to the San Diego Sports and Entertainment and Sports Lawyers, Inc, a California Non-Profit corporation which was formed to provide educational as well as networking services for the San Diego entertainment community.

Art Neill is the founder of New Media Rights, a nonprofit program that provides nominal fee legal services to filmmakers, and advocates for the rights of independent creators. Art is a professor teaching internet and media law at California Western School of Law.

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