NMR Testimonial: Gene Composer

Gene Composer needed assistance on a DMCA takedown notice on Second Life where her artwork had been wrongly removed from the site. New Media Rights helped restore her artwork. New Media Rights has guides on the DMCA, and may be able to assist you with your DMCA takedown questions, just contact us!


What was the issue that you needed assistance on?

A DMCA had been filed on the first texture we'd set for sale in SL.

How did you find out about New Media Rights?

Confused and in a bit of a panic, we contacted and were interviewed by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). We met the fine folks at New Media Rights through the outreach efforts of EFF.

How did New Media Rights help you with your issue?

From the first point of contact, New Media Rights helped us see the DMCA as a process—one they understood and would guide us through. We were no longer alone and in the dark. New Media Rights answered our questions, provided us with options and helped us work through the decisions we needed to make. Ultimately, New Media Rights not only filed a counter claim on our behalf but they followed up on that claim to assure our rights had been properly restored.

Would you suggest other people be helped by NMR?

Yes. We have referred creators on different sides of the DMCA issue to NMR and will continue to do so.

This testimonial does not constitute a guarantee,warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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