New Media Rights Receives Grant to Support Web Monetization Innovators!

New Media Rights recently received a $20,000 grant from Grant for the Web to support Grant for the Web recipients and others on the boundaries of web monetization with legal services. This grant is a continuation of our work with web monetization innovators last year, and we are thrilled to be continuing our work with the Grant for the Web community!

The grant is a partnership with Grant for the Web, a program supported by the Mozilla Foundation, Creative Commons, and Coil. Grant for the Web believes that a healthy internet needs openness and opportunity, and that it cannot be built on the backs of individuals’ security and privacy. The funds are intended to support an ecosystem that will challenge the web’s most urgent issues: loss of privacy, centralization of power, and inequalities in online participation. 

Many of the grantees are working to improve and innovate in the Web Monetization space. "Web Monetization" generally describes a system where web traffic is converted into revenue. Right now, advertising, paywalls, subscription-based services, and data mining dominate the web monetization landscape, which often leads to privacy violations, data secrutiy breaches, and exposure to viruses and malware. Grantees of the Grant for the Web are working to create better business models for monetizing content and cultivate a healthier web monetization ecosystem.

We will provide Grant for the Web grantees the option to receive pro bono legal support to encourage the safe and wide distribution of their content or technology projects.

You can check out some of the other Grant for the Web grantees and their projects here. If you're working on a web monetization project, and have legal questions about your work, please contact us via the contact form on our website.

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