New Media Rights Joins the Free Expression Legal Network!


We are thrilled to announce that we joined the Free Expression Legal Network. Supporting journalists and nonprofit news organizations has always been an important part of our work. Journalists face many of the same intellectual property, privacy, and media law issues that challenge other creatives and entrepreneurs.

The Free Expression Legal Network is a nationwide coalition of school clinics, academics, and practitioners focused on promoting and protecting free speech, free press, and the free flow of information to an informed and engaged citizenry. The creation of the network was led by the Reporter's Committee for the Free Press and Yale Freedom & Information Access Clinic.  Members work on media law, transparency, and/or access issues, either as their primary focus or as it intersects with their work on other issues.

The network allows members to better share resources and expertise, while collaborating on projects to defend the constitutional rights of free speech and a free press. New Media Rights is looking forward to being a supportive member of the network and utilizing its resources to better serve our clients.

At its launch, FELN includes 22 law school clinics that provide students hands-on experience representing journalists and documentary filmmakers, among others. We are proud to be counted among them! The network also includes two dozen law professors who frequently write and research in the areas of free expression, media law and government transparency. The clinicians and professors are joining in a network to promote collaboration and to better meet this challenging environment for transparency and free expression.

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