May newsletter: The legal issues today’s journalists, creators, and entrepreneurs share

The legal issues today’s Journalists, Creators, and Entrepreneurs share
In our 9 year history providing legal services on over 1400 individual matters, we’ve tracked a significant convergence in the legal needs of journalists, creators and entrepreneurs. This convergence is the result of the rise in the importance of nonprofit and independent projects and the common use of the internet as the means of distribution. As a result, a common set of core legal issues has emerged among journalists, creators, and early stage tech entrepreneurs.  Click here to check out the top 10 legal issues these groups share, and to learn about ways you can help us meet the growing demand for legal services.
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Year Round Clinic for CWSL students!
We're proud to announce that our Internet & Media Law Clinic will now be offered year round at California Western School of Law!  The clinic provides students with experience working one-on-one with Internet & Media law clients in the field, as well as knowledge and skills regarding regulatory and policy work, scholarship, and public education and outreach. This year, clinic students will help us reach a milestone of providing services on our 1400th matter. We remain an independently funded program, so we also want to thank our individual supporters and foundations that allow us to assist clients and train students.
Applications are now open for fall, and close on June 9th!

FCC Cites NMR  in Open Internet Order!

If you read or skimmed through the FCC's new Open Internet Order, you might have noticed New Media Rights' comments to the proceeding are directly mentioned a couple of times.

In fact, the FCC cites our comments along with those of some other groups as support for the idea that "the same no-blocking rule should apply to both fixed and mobile broadband Internet access services." (page 50, cite 263) Meaning no matter how you access content, service providers won't be able to block content from getting to you!  Since wireless devices weren't previously included in net neutrality rules in 2010, this is a big win in the new rules! Recent lawsuits challenging the FCC's Title II reclassification of broadband Internet underscore that fight for net neutrality is not over, and the we must now defend the

Recent Events

  • May 7th NMR Executive Director Art Neill gave a workshop to over 70 individuals on Copyright 101 for Media Makers at San Diego City College. This event was made possible by San Diego City College and The City of San Diego Economic Development Department.  Thanks to Professor and NMR Advisory Board member Cy Kuckenbaker for working with us to organize the event!
  • May 14th  Hyperlocal social platforms, like Yik Yack and Whisper, are hot right now. But when things turn ugly, or they get into the wrong hands, whose responsibility is it? Staff Attorney Teri Karobonik joined a panel of other experts to discuss these issues and more at CyberHive's StartUp Breakfast; Unintended Consequences:  Who is responsible when hyperlocal social apps get in the wrong hands?

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