Sample DMCA section 512 counternotice letters and other resources

This guide, originally created by the Fair Use Network, has been edited by New Media Rights, and is provided for users and creators who have received a DMCA section 512 "takedown" notice.

Here are two sample counternotices to cover two common situations. We stress that these should be considered samples or models only. While a takedown counternotice only needs to comply with a few key points to be legally valid, anyone considering filing a counternotice should understand the legal implications of the DMCA § 512 process and the underlying legal claims.

Sample Counternotices:

Counternotice for fair use [512(c) webhost]
Counternotice for non-copyright claims [512(c) webhost]

Other Resources:

DMCA § 512(g) Counternotice Generator at Chilling Effects
Browse some actual counternotices at Chilling Effects
Does the notice include more than just DMCA § 512 claims? Review the 'Cease & Desist!' Guide.

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