Forbes Blog: Navigating a Lawsuit Part 3 - What Happens After You Retain a Lawyer?

New Media Rights' latest blog post is all about navigating a lawsuit, and what happens after you hire an attorney. Special thanks to our co-author, Lauren Hanley-Brady, who is one of our advisory board members, and a former NMR intern!

A lawsuit can consume vast amounts of time and money, and unfortunately is not normally something that can be resolved quickly. But the judicial process can operate much more smoothly if you are aware of what happens in the first stages and the consequences of not meeting the various requirements in the first stages of a lawsuit. The more you know upfront, the easier the path to resolution will be.

"This is why finding an attorney quickly after receiving the complaint is so important, because if you miss a deadline for filing various documents, there are consequences." For example, one of the consequences of not answering a complaint made against you is that you could lose your entire case by default, which means that you would likely have to pay the plaintiff the money that they demanded in their initial complaint.

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