February Newsletter -- Getting results: FCC now considering proposal that would actually protect the Open Internet.

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The FCC's proposal to reclassify the Internet under Title II is a big win for the Open Internet!
Recently, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed reclassifation of the internet as a Title II communications service.  If adopted February 26, the proposal would give the FCC the legal authority it needs to preserve and protect the Open Internet. Executive Director Art Neill sat down with KPBS to discuss why the Federal Communication Commission's new Open Internet rules are necessary to ensure a free and open internet

For more on the Net Neutrality debate and what it means for you, check out our latest blog post on Net Neutrality here.

New Media Rights files critical comments in anti-circumvention proceedings to protect internet users and creators' rights.
New Media Rights has filed comments with the Copyright Office supporting four specific exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s anti-circumvention provisions that will protect both internet users and creators' rights under fair use. Exemptions are argued every 3 years, and ensure that accessing copyrighted material for purposes of fair use don't needlessly violate federal law.

Similar to our 2009 and 2012 comments to the Copyright Office, these comments offer direct evidence supporting the right of internet users and video creators to circumvent technological protection measures to a) allow individuals to take control of the apps and services they use on their mobile devices, and b) allow creators, internet users, and filmmakers to reuse video content for fair use purposes.  Thanks to our legal intern California Western School of Law 2L Pat McManus for his assistance in preparing these comments. You can read more here.

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"Print Me a Song: Emerging Issues in 3D Printing and Copyright Law"Staff Attorney, Teri Karobonik, will be giving a presentation to the San Diego Sports and Entertainment Lawyers February 26 at 6pm about emerging issues in copyright. In addition to covering some of the basics she’ll cover emerging issues in 3D printing like singing printers, fan works and even #LeftShark . More info here.

“Copyright, Trademark, and Branding IP”Executive Director Art Neill will be giving a presentation from February 26 at 5:30 (yes the same day as the event above), on the basics of Copyright and Trademark that tech entrepreneurs need to know.  This is a free event, targeted at entrepreneurs and creators and if you’re interested in attending, you can find more info here.

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