Device: A Podcast that Explores Scientific Plot Devices and how they Affect the Public’s Understanding of Science

Device is a monthly book discussion with a science-based twist, hosted by creator Emily Griffiths. The podcast focuses on how authors often rely on scientific phenomena as plot devices, altering what’s scientifically possible to create an engaging plot line, which can often result in great storytelling, but the science can be exaggerated or lost in the process. Currently distributed by KPBS as part of its Explore Local Content Project, Device talks to local scientists in San Diego and throughout California to talk what’s real, and what’s science fiction.

Once a program like Device is up and running, creators will often reach out to various distributors to share their content on broader platforms and with audiences throughout the world. There are legal needs at all stages of producing content like a podcast, and New Media Rights was glad to be able to provide services to Emily to help interpret and understand her distribution agreement with KPBS.

Emily Griffiths, creator and host of Device had this to say about working with New Media Rights:

“New Media Rights helped me find solid footing when embarking on a new project.  I am new to the media field and didn't know what was and wasn't typical to find in a contract.  They answered every little question I had, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, and helped me phrase my concerns about the contract to the other party. I felt confident moving forward knowing I understood exactly what the contract entailed.” 

Distribution agreements are an important part of securing distribution on major platforms. It is important to pay close attention to distribution agreements, because they can place certain obligations on you as a creator, and because you want to make sure you understand what you are agreeing to, what rights you are keeping, and what rights you are giving away.

Alexandra Inman, NMR Student Fellow, assisted in reviewing and interpreting the agreement. “Working on Emily's podcast allowed me to see our client's creative projects in a whole new light. I had received some experience in the clinic with ideas and how someone could protect themselves as they made those ideas realities but this experience allowed me to spot some of those issues for our client while simultaneously helping to accomplish the ultimate goal for any creator, having their work available to an audience.” 

New Media Rights is proud to have provided legal services to this podcast. You can learn more about our services for Public Broadcasting producers here.

This testimonial does not constitute a guarantee,warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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