What websites can I download copyright free songs from?

What websites can I download copyright free songs from?
The vast majority of sites on the Internet that allow you to download popular music free of charge are likely to be illegal. 
However, there are many sites that allow you to legally stream all of the popular music. Grooveshark, for example, allows you to type in a song that you want to hear and let you instantly hear it. And it’s legal because the site has agreements with major record labels authorizing this. So artists get compensated, and you don’t have to worry about potential legal hassles involved with illegal downloading. 
Other than streaming sites and Internet radio, there are other alternatives to illegally downloading. Many sites feature thousands of songs licensed under the Creative Commons that can be download for free. Simply put, the artists who made the songs allow you to enjoy the song freely, any way you please. You can even redistribute the files on your own website as long as you give the musician credit, but sometimes, you may need to meet a few other requirements.

Many music blogs and other websites use Creative Commons files because they are legal to distribute and don’t require the long process of getting permission from an artist and/or record label post on a site.
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