Is downloading Peer-to-Peer downloading software like Morpheus a copyright issue?

Is downloading Peer-to-Peer downloading software like Morpheus a copyright issue?
Yes and no. Downloading the software is not illegal. What is illegal is when a peer-to-peer program like Morpheus is used to reproduce and distribute copyright-protected music, movies, books, and software.
The real problem is that it’s nearly impossible to filter what is illegal to download from what isn’t. Moreover, if you make a mistake and download a file that is protected by copyright, the fact that you didn’t know or that you did it mistakenly is not a defense. 
The fact that you did not knowingly intend to infringe on someone’s copyright will factor into how much money you would potentially owe to a copyright holder if they won at trial, but it doesn’t excuse you from infringement. 
In the United States, it’s very important to know that both uploading and downloading copyrighted files using these services is illegal. There are many resources online that give false information, that downloading from these sources is permissible and uploading is the only legal issue. This is not true; you can be sued for both uploading and downloading.
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