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We want to share some big news about the future of New Media Rights and make a few simple requests of you.

Our big news!

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We recently finalized a partnership with California Western School of Law.  We’ll still be providing the same quality one-to-one legal services and educational guides for internet users and independent creators, but now, as part of the California Western community, we’ll be able to expand what we do more than ever before.

We’re really excited to be part of the California Western community. The broader internet community will benefit from the increased availability of free and reduced fee legal services, and Cal Western Students will get real-world experience in internet and media law.

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We are still completely independently funded, so please support us in starting this partnership off on the right foot

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This is an important moment for New Media Rights, so we need your support now more than ever. Even though we are aligned with California Western, our work to help internet users and independent creators is still completely independently funded, so we rely heavily on donations from individuals.

Your support of New Media Rights provides thousands of hours of free legal services every year, policy advocacy at the FCC and Copyright Office, and educational guides, all targeted at internet users and the independent creators.

We intend to get this new partnership started right, so we want to ask you. 

Will you help us protect the internet and the people who use it by donating today?

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Please then share this campaign with others who care about protecting the internet and those who use it.

You can share this link via Twitter or Facebook, make a video about it, or forward this email, but please find at least one way to invite others to support our work. We'll even give you some sample text that you can copy and paste -

New Media Rights provides free legal services to artists, internet users, and tech startups, I'm donating to them today, will you? http://bit.ly/MwYAJA

Thanks so much for being part of the New Media Rights community.

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