Who qualifies for internet and media law pro bono and nominal fee services?

This page explains New Media Rights' intake process, including the types of cases we prioritize, as well as which clients are entitled to pro bono or reduced fee services. You can go to our Legal Services page to learn more about the many types of legal services we provide.

Individuals and organizations submit an issue through our online contact form.  NMR then evaluates the request for assistance on two levels A) Is it within our expertise, and B) does the client qualify for free services.

You can view the Cost of Nominal Fee Services below.

        A. To see if the work is within our expertise.  We focus on copyright, trademark, online publishing, other internet, media, and intellectual property (not patent) related legal matters (Information about the types of cases we handle and the services we provide). If you need help with matters related to patent law or the law of a state other than California you may want to check out our law school IP and entrepreneurship clinics list to find a law clinic in your state.

        B. Qualifying for Pro Bono Services. If the request is within our area of expertise, clients have the option of requesting pro bono services rather than reduced fee services.  We consider whether we assist this individual or entity pro bono based on 6-part test.  We consider these factors for each individual in light of currently available resources and caseload.  Here is a list of considerations we use to prioritize those who receives pro bono service.

  1. Public interest and open projects. Requests for assistance from individuals whose content or project has a significant community or public benefit, rather than simply a profit motive, receive priority.  Sometimes individuals can demonstrate this by showing their work will be freely available to the public.  Particular preference is given to content and software projects that are released under an open content license such as Creative Commons, or under an open-source software license.
  2. Regional and state benefit. While we have helped individuals from around the country, and even some internationally, as a San Diego, California-based non-profit program, Californians and San Diegans, as well as California and San Diego based organizations, receive priority.
  3. Financial need. - Individuals who are requesting more in-depth assistance receive priority if they cannot otherwise pay for legal help or if  the payment of standard legal fees would significantly deplete the applicant's economic resources or would be otherwise inappropriate.
  4. Availability of service. Individuals requesting services that are otherwise not available receive priority.  Thus, someone asking whether and how to start a non-profit or LLC for their passion project may get help from a local law school clinic, whereas someone asking about how to use Creative Commons licenses may not be able to access any expertise.
  5. Innovation. We’re looking for ventures that are at the forefront of efforts to harness the Internet to revolutionize media, journalism, arts, culture, and fill unmet information needs.
  6. Independence. NMR primarily supports creators and organizations that are independent of traditional media or large corporation ownership.

If your project doesn't qualify for free services, reduced fee charges for services are charged according to the following schedule.

Cost of Nominal Fee Services

Type of ServiceService Fee
• Drafting of contract, memo, or other document$95 under 2 pages

$85 for every additional 2 pages
• Review of contract or other documents$45 per page
Content takedown assessment / Drafting of DMCA counternotice or other response$45
Pre-publication review of video or film

Short video - $225 for every 5 fair use clips to be reviewed OR

Feature - $545 for a feature length documentary up to 50 clips for review. Review includes review of rough cut, review of final and if appropriate a letter for an insurance provider. $200 per review of additional cuts.

Pre-publication review of a written work$100 for every 25 pages to be reviewed


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